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Welcome to the website of Chris Rosser, an author and blogger based in Melbourne, Australia.

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Tue 14 August 2018

From MailChimp to MailerLite

I migrate my newsletter provider to MailerLite because I wasn’t happy with MailChimp. I also updated my Privacy Policy

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Sat 11 August 2018

OmniOutliner review

I review OmniOutliner for macOS, and ask the question 'can it add the outlining features I need to Ulysses or is it better to stick with Scrivener?'

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Thu 02 August 2018

Apple changes iTunes affiliate program

Apple removes Mac and iOS apps from their affiliate program, giving the finger to the blogger community who helped spread awareness through app reviews and podcasts.

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Wed 01 August 2018

When the well runs dry

Admitting to myself I've burnt out, leads me to find ways I can refuel my creative energies. Rather than resorting to despair, I acknowledge that it's okay to admit I'm not perfect and self-investment is no cause for guilt.

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