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Winter world-building

31 May 2020 in Journal

On the eve of Australia's winter, I undertake 30 days of world-building to create maps, locations, organisations and more. Throughout the month I'll also share my templates and tips for world-building in Scrivener.

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July 2020 Update

As of July 2020, COVID19 seems to have made a comeback to Melbourne, and we're doing out level-best to stay indoors.

June's blogging frenzy slowed to a crawl when I realised I'd burn out if I kept that pace.

The good news though, is I'm writing a lot more of my current book, and it's now sitting at almost 85 thousand words.

Lords of Skeinhold progress

The Weaver's Boy (novel edition) 84,475

The Prince's Bastard 61,325

A Man at Arms 18,319