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Thu 13 September 2018

How to make fancy world-building handouts

Mad with envy for the creative power of the DnD community, I set about to make some fancy world-building handouts for my readers using Markdown, HTML/CSS and PrinceXML

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Mon 10 September 2018

Taking stock and giving thanks

Writing a post about productivity management makes me appreciate how much I've actually written this year. I reflect on my motivations, achievements and voice how much I appreciate my readers around the world.

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Sun 09 September 2018

Beorg app review

I rant about task management, review an interesting but flawed IOS app beorg, and ask myself if Emacs and Org-mode is too deep a rabbit warren to fall into.

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Sat 01 September 2018

The Weaver's Boy on sale!

It's my birthday this month so to celebrate, The Weaver's Boy is now available for 0.99c for a limited time.

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