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Building Hafran

09 May 2020 in Journal

I do a spot of world-building with my iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate to map and flesh out an important setting in my current fantasy novel.

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March 2020 Update

As of March 2020, the family and I are in a self-imposed lockdown to hide from the Coronavirus, and help flatten the curve. I've not been idle however!

On the 24th, I republished the original The Weaver's Boy as the Mistress of Skeinhold complete with a new cover (which I designed myself). This is because I've decided to rewrite The Weaver's Boy as a full-length novel. I explain the reasons to my newsletter subscribers.

Lords of Skeinhold progress

The Weaver's Boy (novel edition)

The Prince's Bastard

A Man at Arms