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A Shade of Flesh and Bone
The Codex of Destiny
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The Night Agent
by Matthew Quirk
Death's End
by Cixin Liu

Hey there, I'm Chris

I am a writer (creative and technical) and developer. I've maintained this website through various incarnations since 2007, sharing my stories, reviews and thoughts. I live in Melbourne with my wife, three kids and two cats.

Feel free to browse my site. You'll find my books, reading list, what I'm doing now, and a list of things I use. I used to maintain a large blog here, but after much soul-searching I've moved that to Medium, and my newsletter to Substack.

Nominally, I'm a fantasy author (or at least, I'm trying to be), and I've published two novellas with more to come (I hope). I've also dabbled in sci-fi, contemporary thrillers and historical fiction. I blog about writing, technology and productivity.

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