• Cadoc's Contract

    Cadoc's Contract

    Would you take a hundred lives to save your own? Cadoc wanted more than the life of a simple farmer. So, when Artur, Duke of Kas Mendoc raised his banner, Cadoc answered the call, marching south to enlist in a great crusade against the Oskoi. He travels to a distant

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  • Mistress of Skeinhold

    Mistress of Skeinhold

    Owain had waited a year to sing for the Duke of Kas Mendoc. But his master, the renowned Trystan of Langorn, has a change of heart denying him the fame and honour he craves. They journey to Skeinhold Castle in the wild Cae Valley. Bitter and riddled with doubt, Owain

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  • The Weaver's Boy

    The Weaver's Boy

    A quiet abbey is thrown into turmoil when the abbot takes a sudden fever. In haste a party is assembled to retrieve a forbidden potion, but as they venture deep within the wild valley a dark secret threatens to destroy them all.

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This is why I dislike WordPress

Just cleaned out 71,842 spam comments from a WordPress instance I manage. And people wonder why I use @Ghost for my personal site! — Chris Rosser (@RosserWrites) July 29, 2021

Take that, anti-vaxxers

Well, Linus Torvalds is never one to pull his punches! This time he's taken aim at the anti-vaxers in the Linux development community. Please keep your insane and technically incorrect anti-vax comments to yourself. You don't know what you are talking about, you don't know what mRNA is, and you're

Bunch - macOS automation

I stumble across Bunch, a macOS automation tool that's dead simple to use.

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