Cadoc's Contract
A novella of the Weaver Cycle
Would you take a hundred lives to save your own?

Cadoc wanted more than the life of a simple farmer. So, when Artur, Duke of Kas Mendoc raised his banner, Cadoc answered the call, marching south to enlist in a great crusade against the Oskoi. He travels to a distant land and carves his name into the bodies of the dead.

Yet Cadoc has a secret, a contract made with the gods to give him the strength he needs to survive this bloody war. One hundred souls – a debt of blood to a hungry god. But disaster strikes, and Cadoc flees for his life. Can he face the men he left behind and account for those he killed? Has he paid his debt, or was his soul part of the price?

Cadoc's Contract is the prelude to The Weaver Cycle, a dark and sensual fantasy series set in a vibrant world.

Praise for Cadoc's Contract
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