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Why I switched to G-Suite

Why I switched to G-Suite

After years spent hosting my own email server, I migrate to Google's G-suite for business. I'm not looking back!


New project rig

I explore the potential of a hand-me-down computer that I've ear-marked for media projects and gaming.


Coming home

Two years ago I gave away my MacBook Air to my wife and bought an Acer C720 with the intention of switching away from OS X to Linux. I did so because of performance problems I was experiencing with OS X. I was using Linux for work (I still do …


What Scrivener on iOS means to me

Tl;Dr: it's about convenience and getting the job done!

It feels like my (creative) life's been on hold and oddly that's spilled over into other avenues: notably my choice of computer platform. Lately, I've been writing more and that writing's been in Scrivener again. Currently that means I have …


Ubuntu For Windows

Is it me or has hell frozen over?

Technical websites across the Internet are buzzing with the news that Microsoft and Canonical have collaborated to bring an Ubuntu user-land compatibility layer to Windows 10. The move is part of Microsoft's attempts to woo back developers, who are increasing writing software …


Hitting a snag with Gedt 3.18

In my last post I outlined my intention to create a series of plugins for Gedit instead of going to the effort of coding an application from scratch. Alas. I've hit a snag.

To date, most of my plugins have been written in what ever version of Gedit that's in …


Looking back at Scrivener and OS X

I finished NanoWriMo yesterday with a wordcount a pip over 50,050 words. It feels good; quite a chunk of my planned re-write is now drafted and I'm probably only a month away from finishing the first draft.

For reasons I'm not entirely sure about, I decided to go back …


Building Markdown Novels on Linux

I explore ways to compile a bunch of markdown files into a book using Linux and MultiMarkdown


Minimal Desktops

There was a saying I once heard that went something like, "What Intel giveth, Microsoft taketh away". The meaning behind this quote is simple; when manufacturers increase hardware performance, software developers typically add more bloat negating much of the gains.

I've observed this trend for some time now and it's …


Getting things done

It's two weeks in to NaNoWrimo 2014 and as I've written more than 40 thousand words I though it was time to procrastinate a little and write a post on how I like to get things done. My motivations for this are partly to consolidate some ideas in my own …


Chromebook Air

A week ago I gave away my MacBook Air to my wife and replaced it with a Chromebook. The Air was getting long in the tooth; the battery was slowly dying and 2GB, just didn't cut it on OS X Mavericks. Top it off and I only had 64GB as …


Taking the plunge, two weeks on

Two weeks ago, I posted about my reasons for installing Ubuntu Linux on my ageing MacBook Air. It's been three weeks now since I took the plunge and I wanted to write a follow-up on my my experiences and what I like and don't like about running Linux on my …