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Hitting a snag with Gedt 3.18

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In my last post I outlined my intention to create a series of plugins for Gedit instead of going to the effort of coding an application from scratch. Alas. I've hit a snag.

To date, most of my plugins have been written in what ever version of Gedit that's in …

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Gedit Plugins

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Late last year, I wrote a post on turning Gedit into a Markdown IDE. At the time, I was in the middle of Nanowrimo and wanted to share how I use Gedit to write and review documents in Markdown.

I noted that Gedit was a powerful text editor that could …

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Some refinements to process

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With NanoWriMo done and dusted for 2015, it's a good time to refine some of my writing processes. I've been in a state of flux recently. On the desktop I'm torn between Mac and Linux while on mobile I use both Android (my phone) and iOS (my tablet). I've been …

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Turning Gedit into a Markdown IDE

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I got an iPad mini not so long ago, mostly on the strength of the excellent Editorial app and to keep one foot in the door with Apple's services, which my wife and I find quite useful.

With Editorial, I can build workflows that let me work the way I …

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