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Wall Street’s Rotten Apple

Wall Street’s Rotten Apple

The morning news says our stock market will take a beating and it's all Apple's fault. I reflect how silly the world is, and offer my two cents on why Apple is in trouble, through my own experiences as an Apple user.


Why and where I use advertising

A reader's dislike for advertising prompts me to answer the question of why I advertise on my blog. I ponder whether it's time to stop even though it makes me money.


Apple changes iTunes affiliate program

Apple removes Mac and iOS apps from their affiliate program, giving the finger to the blogger community who helped spread awareness through app reviews and podcasts.


Reflections on the new MacBook Pro

I reflect on the Late 2016 MacBook Pro and the storm of controversy it's generated.


Mac Mini 2014

I've been following quite a bit of Apple news lately in light of the launch of Yosemite and new Macs, namely the Retina iMac and the Mac Mini. I've never personally been interesting in owning an iMac -- the thought of an all in one desktop never jelled with me -- but …