Prisoners of Akrium

A solo RPG campaign set in Alashiya.

Session #1: You die at dawn

4 min read

After a coup erupts in the Palace of Akrium, the Journeyman lands in gaol with some unsavoury characters, at least one of which wants him dead -- not that it matters, our Journeyman dies at dawn.

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Session #2 (part 1): All or nothing

3 min read

Faced with the prospect of execution, the Journeyman begins to takes matters into his own hand, but not all of his newfound companions are cooperating.

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Session #0: Prisoners of Akrium

5 min read

After enjoying my solo RPG game during a camping holiday, I embark on a new campaign in a world inspired by the Ancient Aegean and Spaghetti Westerns.

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