Scrivener has a big learning curve and a dense 800+ page manual. In the 12 years I've used Scrivener, I've watched it go from a lean, mean novel-writing machine, to a feature-laden bememoth that attempts to be all things to all types of writing. If you're new to Scrivener, that complexity can be intimidating. While I've recommended Scrivener to countless friends and folk on social media, I've had to qualify my statement because of this learning curve.

Scrivener fundamentals

In the first part of a tutorial series on popular writing app, Scrivener, cover Scrivener's user interface and some of its fundamental concepts and features.

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Drafting novels with Scrivener

In part 2 of the series, I explore the ways Scrivener can help you draft your manuscript.

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Writing a series with Scrivener

I combine seperate book projects into a single Scrivener project.

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Character Templates and Management in Scrivener

In this free post, I share my character template and show you how to manage characters in Scrivener.

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