The iPad Experiment

The Bottom Drawer #4

| Podcast | 09:40

An experiment to record an episode on an iPad using a cheap lav mic and Ferrite.

Show notes

In today's episode, I decided to experiment by using my iPad mini 4 to record the show. I originally intended to run this experiment in Perth last month where I had to travel for work, but I was too damned tired.

Part of the reason for the experiment is to test the viability of moving to iOS should Apple persist in making awful keyboards for their laptops. The other reason was I was cold!

Mentioned in this episode:


I exported the recording to GarageBand for editing. Ferrite imposes a 10 minute project limit in the free version which my unedited file exceeded. I also recorded the outro in GarageBand using the same mic but plugged directly into my MacBook. You can hear quite a difference in quality!

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