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I'm interviewed by D. Hart St Martin and The Weaver's Boy is featured by E.J. Dawson, so it's blog and book tours galore!

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I seem to be all over the web at the moment! Last week I was interviewed by Jason A. Meuschke of The Sample Chapter Podcast. If you haven't listened yet, you should subscribe to Jason's Podcast, or head over to this page and listen in your browser.

This week, fellow Australian writer and book blogger, E.J. Dawson, featured my debut book, The Weaver's Boy on her website. Eleanor is pillar of Twitter's #WritingCommunity, and coincidently lives as I do in Melbourne. She's also author of The Last Prophecy Series, a fantasy series that blends in elements of Steampunk..

I was also interviewed by my dear friend and American fantasy author, D. Hart St Martin. Hart writes incredible female-driven fantasy stories, and she posed some great questions not only about my writing process but how I promote strong female characters in my stories. You can read the full interview over on her website.

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