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I make a guest appearance on Jason A. Meuschke's Sample Chapter Podcast and read Chapter 1 of The Weaver's Boy.

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Update! The episode is now live

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Original post

Tomorrow morning (12/2/2019 Missouri, USA time) my guest appearance on Jason A. Meuschke's The Sample Chapter Podcast goes live. I'm super excited (and more than a little nervous) to share the news!

Subscribe in your favourite podcatcher to hear Jason interview me, as well as my reading of Chapter One of The Weaver's Boy.

For a little inside view, I recorded the episode about two weeks ago over Skype with Jason, on one of the hottest day's (well above 40C) I've ever experienced here in Australia. I was near parched with thirst, and was dripping with sweat, but I had a great time. Jason is a terrific host, and we had great chat before, during and after the interview. I thoroughly enjoyed my chance to talk with him and share my chapter with his audience.

I hope you enjoy!

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