Day two - Weaver Marathon

I get off to a slow but productive start and contemplate the importance of forming good habits.

This is Part 2 in the series, Weaver Marathon.

Last night I wrote less than 600 words.

Word count at the end of day 1
Word count at the end of day 1

Yes I know, that's well short of the 1600 words I'm aiming for. For the last four (or five) nights I've had broken sleep (#parenting) and so by the time I settled down to write, it was already 9pm and I was pretty tired.

There's a silver lining; they were 557 quality words written despite my fatigue. The session was enough to finish another important scene. That's a victory by my estimation. Word count is only a tool, after all and my main goal is to finish the story.

With another broken night's sleep, I rose later than I planned this morning and was still half asleep (and standing) for my daily commute. So instead of reviewing my work, I listened to a podcast—Upgrade by RelayFM if you are curious.

Part of me regrets doing this, but I know that had I forced myself to do otherwise, I wouldn't have done a good job. Still, forming healthy habits is important; it's a basic requirement for completing projects with a deadline. There's nothing in the rule book that says creative projects should by any different. Relying on the muse for inspiration is one thing, but she's a fickle creature and is none too fond of work. The muse doesn't write the thing; for that you need a stubborn ass.

I'll review the project over lunch and pencil out some ideas. After work I've got a physio appointment. That means I be sitting around in a crowded reception area for at least twenty minutes. That's a good opportunity to outline what I want to write later tonight.

Habits are important but you also have to roll with life's punches.


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