Frequently asked questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions I get as a writer and blogger.

Books and stories

When will Weaver of Dreams be published?

I’m in the final stages of a substantial, 200,000 word rewrite and am hoping to publish in 2018, subject to the editorial process.

Where will I be able to find it?

I’m aiming for Amazon Kindle, iBooks and Kobo, i.e. ones I use as a reader.

Subject to demand, I may do a paperback print run after the e-book is published.

Are you planning a sequel or trilogy?

Not in the classic sense, but yes there will be other stories about the characters and setting.

Who designed the cover for Weaver of Dreams?

A delightful lady and cover artist who goes by the name of Aidanna Willowraven. She’s based in the United States and accepts commissions for book covers and other creative works.

Is that all you’ve written?

No. I have several novels on the go, they are on-hold while I complete Weaver of Dreams. Once finished, my turn around for other stories will be much quicker. Next off the rank is a historical novel set in 17th century France, Italy and Malta, titled The Florentine Conspiracy; It’s a lot of fun – if you like gambling and violence in your stories.

I’ve also dabbled in techno-thrillers, science-fiction and am currently planning a romance novel after my wife challenged me to do so. There’s a lot more to follow too.

Why do you self-publish?

I had a bad experience with a literary agent many years ago. Maybe it’s a case of once bitten, twice shy or maybe because I’m sceptical of an industry that deals in dreams, builds exceptions but is ultimately self-serving and lauds itself as the gatekeepers of culture. Publishers lost that mantle the minute technology democratised publishing.

I’ve long since outgrown the fantasy that writing novels will make me rich (or indeed make me anything). I write because I love to write; once I accepted that, I enjoyed writing more than ever. I self-publish because I want to be read on my terms and not the dictates of a faceless, unfeeling corporate machine.

I accept that not all publishers fit that mould, but honestly I can’t be bothered spending the time and energy to 1. find a good one and 2. convince them I’m worth signing.


What do you use to write your novels?

Scrivener. My most popular post by far, How I structure novels in Scrivener, goes into more detail. I also maintain a description of the other tools I use.

What’s the state of your world-building app?

It’s on permanent hiatus. At the start 2017, I resolved to write more and develop less. I may return to it one day but for now, I have reverted to using Scrivener and a handful of automated templates for world building. It’s working great and a lot of the automation code is derived from my app.

Requests for content

Would you review x app?

I enjoy writing app reviews and they are by far my most popular posts. That said, I’m only really interested in productivity apps that can potentially help with planning, writing and publishing written content. Also, I prefer macOS and iOS; Windows, Linux, cloud-based apps don’t interest me.

If you are developer of an app you think I might like, drop me a line and I’ll see what I think. Note that I won’t take cash for comments nor will I buy your app just to review it. It takes me about two-to-three weeks to write a decent review and while I don’t expect a gratis copy, I would appreciate if the app has a trial period sufficiently long enough to cover this period.

Do you accept writing commissions?

No, I don’t. Certainly not for money or the promise of exposure. I may consider it for a not-for-profit organisation that is aligned to my values, tastes and interests.

Advertising, sponsorship and donations

Do you sell advertising or sponsorship?

No, not currently and I have no immediate plans to do so. Most web advertising is ugly and intrusive. Sponsorship is something I may be open to as long as it does not present a conflict of interest or sully my independent voice.

Do you accept donations?

No, mostly out of laziness to add that feature to my site and because the tax implications scare me. I have thought about it, if only to cover hosting costs. I’ve also thought about setting up a Patreon page as my output increases. I like the idea of being reader supported more than relying on advertising so I would do this before I consider that.

If you really want to part with some hard-earned cash, please consider giving to a charity that’s close to my heart: http://www.curebraincancer.org.au

I lost a beloved family member to a brain tumour and would rather see the money go to this noble cause.

What about memberships?

Nope, can’t be arsed at this point. Maintaining a basic newsletter for those who don’t use social media or RSS is about as much effort as I’m prepared to make and that’s hardly worth the price of admission (it’s free 😀 ).

Right out of left field

I’ve got a great idea for a book. Can you write it and we’ll split the profits?

Ah, no. Thanks for the offer, but ideas are cheap, execution is hard. I suggest you hire a ghost writer.