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Chris Rosser is a technical writer, blogger and novelist based in Melbourne, Australia. He holds degrees history, archaeology, and communication. He lives with his wife and three children. Website Twitter Facebook

Atom's okay, but I prefer VS Code →

This article by SoftwareHow came across my radar today. It's a survey of text editors for the Mac.  In fairness they did a pretty thorough job evaluating most of the usual suspects.

I agree that Sublime Text 3 is the best commercial text editor for...well every platform, but for their recommendation of Atom falls as the best free editor is off the mark. I think Atom's okay, but in my experience VS Code is far more performant, and useful to me  especially for markdown and Python projects, where I spend most of my time.

Best Text Editor for Mac in 2021: Unbiased Reviews
A text editor is a handy, flexible tool that deserves a place on every computer.

Journeyman has a new home

With a little bit of routing magic in a YAML file, I partition my site to give the Journeyman a new home, making it easier to follow my solo RPG adventure.…

Introducing Alashiya →

Over in the Codex, I introduce Alashiya, my sandpit for solo RPG and stories, set in a world inspired by the ancient Aegean and Near East. I detail my inspiration for the geopgraphy and landscape, begin sharing some of the details about the main political and cultural centres.

I’ve made no secret that I studied archaeology as an undergraduate, and the Ancient Mediterranean, North Africa and the Levant held a particular fascination for me. This is my chance to rekindle that interest, and explore and to create in the medium I know best, and one I am only really beginning to explore.

In the spirit of world-building as I go, I'll fleshing out the world as I play my solo RPG campaign, the Journeyman.

A world bible and codex for my fantasy setting. This section of the site isexclusively for members. Create your free account or sign in to your existingaccount. Codex preview

VS Code

Over on Twitter, I make a public admission about my surprising love for VS Code.…

Session #1: You die at dawn

After a coup erupts in the Palace of Akrium, the Journeyman lands in gaol with some unsavoury characters, at least one of which wants him dead -- not that it matters, our Journeyman dies at dawn.…