Day three - Weaver Marathon

Posted on Thu 03 August 2017 in Journal • Tagged with Weaver of Dreams, Writing, Metaphysics, Spirituality • 3 min read

The slow pace continues, but I have written a goodly amount of notes and outlines. Oddly enough, they make me consider my own sense of the metaphysical.

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Day two - Weaver Marathon

Posted on Wed 02 August 2017 in Journal • Tagged with Weaver of Dreams • 2 min read

I get off to a slow but productive start and contemplate the importance of forming good habits.

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Day one - Weaver Marathon

Posted on Tue 01 August 2017 in Journal • Tagged with Weaver of Dreams, Scrivener, Nanowrimo • 3 min read

I kick off my 31-day marathon to finish Weaver of Dreams and commit to journal my progress.

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My personal Nanowrimo event

Posted on Mon 31 July 2017 in News • Tagged with writing, Weaver of Dreams, Nanowrimo • 2 min read

Can I make one final push to finish the draft? Join me as I embark on a one-month marathon to write the last 50 thousand words.

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Mid-June update

Posted on Sun 18 June 2017 in News • Tagged with writing, Weaver of Dreams, Newsletter • 2 min read

A brief update on what I've been up to for the week ending 18 June 2017

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Lines in the sand

Posted on Mon 12 June 2017 in News • Tagged with Disqus, newsletter, writing, Weaver of Dreams • 2 min read

I set some deadlines for myself, officially launch my newsletter and remove Disquss from my site

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Looking back at Scrivener and OS X

Posted on Mon 30 November 2015 in Articles • Tagged with writing, os x, scrivener, linux, markdown, weaver of dreams • 6 min read

I finished NanoWriMo yesterday with a wordcount a pip over 50,050 words. It feels good; quite a chunk of my planned re-write is now drafted and I'm probably only a month away from finishing the first draft.

For reasons I'm not entirely sure about, I decided to go back …

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NanoWriMo 2015

Posted on Sun 15 November 2015 in News • Tagged with writing, nanowrimo, Weaver of Dreams, fantasy • 1 min read

I've decided to do NanoWriMo again this year, it will be my fifth time since 2008. This year I'm bending the rules and am using this month as a chance to write all the new scenes in my redraft of Weaver of Dreams.

Posting this as of Day 10, and …

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New ideas and a new workflow

Posted on Mon 29 June 2015 in Articles • Tagged with Weaver of Dreams, productivity, markdown, outlining • 4 min read

For some time, I've been cogitating about redrafting my first novel, Weaver of Dreams and earlier this month I finally got around to starting the process. Revisiting an old, and arguably an important work from my formative years as a novelist, has been both challenging and interesting.

I've long felt …

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Book Progress: Weaver of Dreams

Posted on Thu 19 June 2014 in writing • Tagged with books, Weaver of Dreams, editing • 1 min read

I was tweaking the layout of my site this evening when I realised that I've been concentrating so much on development for the last six weeks that I haven't said much about my writing projects. Truth is though, that I've found a couple of hours here and there to edit …

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