A Bridge too Far

Posted on Fri 30 June 2017 in Articles • Tagged with productivity, day one, subscriptions, saas • 5 min read

More and more software developers are turning to subscription-based business models but what does that mean for content creators when your faced with renting the tools of your trade.

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Newsletter Page

Posted on Tue 27 June 2017 in News • Tagged with newsletter, recaptcha • 1 min read

Battling spambots makes me implement reCAPTCHA and move my newsletter signup form to a dedicated page.

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Tools of the trade

Posted on Mon 26 June 2017 in News • Tagged with tools, productivity • 1 min read

I write up a running description of the tools I use to get things done.

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Posted on Wed 21 June 2017 in Articles • Tagged with workflows, productivity, automation • 3 min read

I briefly describe the DIY automation workflows I use on iOS.

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Mid-June update

Posted on Sun 18 June 2017 in News • Tagged with writing, Weaver of Dreams, Newsletter • 2 min read

A brief update on what I've been up to for the week ending 18 June 2017

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