Visualising POV with Scrivener and Numbers

Posted on Sun 12 March 2017 in Writing • Tagged with Scrivener, Numbers, POV, fiction, spreadsheets

I show you how to visual POV frequency in your novel using Scrivener and a basic spreadsheet.

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Not Invented Here

Posted on Mon 20 February 2017 in productivity • Tagged with writing, development

Tools and process is important but sometimes it's better to use what you have instead of reinventing the wheel. I contemplate the Not Invented Here phenomenon and try to curb my own proclivities.

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Update on the World Generator

Posted on Sun 29 January 2017 in development • Tagged with Python, PHP, Worldbuilding, Fantasy

A brief update on the state of development of world generator

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Building a system wide snippet database for macOS

Posted on Mon 02 January 2017 in development • Tagged with sqlite, snippets, macos, text expander

I make my own typing shortcut utility using Automator, Python and SQLite.

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Updating your Nanowrimo Wordcount with Python

Posted on Wed 16 November 2016 in development • Tagged with writing, Python, Nanowrimo

I nerd-out and show you how to update your Nanowrimo world count using the API and Python

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Using Collections for Scrivener Word Counts

Posted on Fri 11 November 2016 in writing • Tagged with scrivener, nanowrimo, tips, productivity

I show you how to use collections and metadata tags to get your Nanowrimo word count in a Scrivener Project

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Reflections on the new MacBook Pro

Posted on Fri 04 November 2016 in technology • Tagged with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, technology, Apple, laptops

I reflect on the Late 2016 MacBook Pro and the storm of controversy it's generated.

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Mobile Writing

Posted on Wed 02 November 2016 in writing • Tagged with productivity, mobile, gear, scrivener, nanowrimo

I wax technological about portable writing setups past and present.

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Separating Concerns

Posted on Sun 25 September 2016 in Worldbuilding • Tagged with scrivener, worldbuilding, OneNote, wiki

On Thursday (15th) I tweeted the question asking whether your story's world building source files should be stored in Scrivener or outside of it. By source files, I mean our character sheets, location descriptions and the other myriad of information writers collect and draft as part of the discovery ...

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Coming home

Posted on Thu 15 September 2016 in technology • Tagged with MacBook Air, Linux, Acer C270, Scrivener, iPad

Two years ago I gave away my MacBook Air to my wife and bought an Acer C720 with the intention of switching away from OS X to Linux. I did so because of performance problems I was experiencing with OS X. I was using Linux for work (I still do ...

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