Automating my publishing system

Posted on Wed 23 August 2017 in Articles • Tagged with automation, Pelican, Zapier, IFTTT, Python, blogging • 5 min read

I detail how a hardware failure and a Zapier mishap led me to automate my publishing process.

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Building Bots

Posted on Sat 12 August 2017 in Articles • Tagged with bots, automation, Twitter, Facebook, Zapier, development, python • 4 min read

After a comical disaster with Zapier, I contemplate creating my own bot to manage my publishing workflow

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Rolling out a newsletter

Posted on Thu 08 June 2017 in News • Tagged with newsletter, MailChimp, Email, Python • 3 min read

I consider launching an email newsletter and contemplate how I could implement it with Python

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Scratching the same itch

Posted on Mon 01 May 2017 in Articles • Tagged with worldbuilding,, python • 4 min read

I contemplate the future of my world-building app when other possible solutions exist.

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Update on the World Generator

Posted on Sun 29 January 2017 in News • Tagged with Python, PHP, Worldbuilding, Fantasy • 2 min read

A brief update on the state of development of world generator

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Updating your Nanowrimo Wordcount with Python

Posted on Wed 16 November 2016 in Tutorials • Tagged with writing, Python, Nanowrimo, development • 2 min read

I nerd-out and show you how to update your Nanowrimo world count using the API and Python

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Gedit Plugins

Posted on Thu 10 March 2016 in Articles • Tagged with Gedit, Python • 4 min read

Late last year, I wrote a post on turning Gedit into a Markdown IDE. At the time, I was in the middle of Nanowrimo and wanted to share how I use Gedit to write and review documents in Markdown.

I noted that Gedit was a powerful text editor that could …

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Some refinements to process

Posted on Thu 03 December 2015 in News • Tagged with writing, markdown, gedit, Python • 1 min read

With NanoWriMo done and dusted for 2015, it's a good time to refine some of my writing processes. I've been in a state of flux recently. On the desktop I'm torn between Mac and Linux while on mobile I use both Android (my phone) and iOS (my tablet). I've been …

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