Looking back at Scrivener and OS X

Posted on Mon 30 November 2015 in Articles • Tagged with writing, os x, scrivener, linux, markdown, weaver of dreams • 6 min read

I finished NanoWriMo yesterday with a wordcount a pip over 50,050 words. It feels good; quite a chunk of my planned re-write is now drafted and I'm probably only a month away from finishing the first draft.

For reasons I'm not entirely sure about, I decided to go back …

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Mac Mini 2014

Posted on Fri 31 October 2014 in Articles • Tagged with Mac Mini, Apple, OS X • 3 min read

I've been following quite a bit of Apple news lately in light of the launch of Yosemite and new Macs, namely the Retina iMac and the Mac Mini. I've never personally been interesting in owning an iMac -- the thought of an all in one desktop never jelled with me -- but …

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