Being Celtic

Posted on Fri 08 September 2017 in Articles • Tagged with history, archaeology, linguistics, identity, mythology • 7 min read

Language and culture shape our identity and I contemplate the modern Celtic misnomer and the boiling pot of history, archaeology and linguistics from whence it came.

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Day Eight - Weaver Marathon

Posted on Tue 08 August 2017 in Journal • Tagged with parenting, weaver marathon, mythology, Christianity, Zoroastrianism • 3 min read

I fail to make up word count on the weekend thanks to a family event, sickness and fatigue. Oddly enough though, an interesting discussion over Sunday lunch made it all worthwhile.

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When marketing becomes myth

Posted on Fri 02 June 2017 in Articles • Tagged with Wales, Mythology, Marketing, Gelert, story • 4 min read

I ponder the origin of myth in the context of Wales' enduring tragedy of Gelert the Hound

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