Building Bots

Posted on Sat 12 August 2017 in Articles • Tagged with bots, automation, Twitter, Facebook, Zapier, development, python • 4 min read

After a comical disaster with Zapier, I contemplate creating my own bot to manage my publishing workflow

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Not Invented Here

Posted on Mon 20 February 2017 in Articles • Tagged with writing, development, productivity • 3 min read

Tools and process is important but sometimes it's better to use what you have instead of reinventing the wheel. I contemplate the Not Invented Here phenomenon and try to curb my own proclivities.

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Updating your Nanowrimo Wordcount with Python

Posted on Wed 16 November 2016 in Tutorials • Tagged with writing, Python, Nanowrimo, development • 2 min read

I nerd-out and show you how to update your Nanowrimo world count using the API and Python

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Creating realms

Posted on Sun 22 June 2014 in Articles • Tagged with development, realms, world-building • 5 min read

The story so far

In the last month or so, I've been building the groundwork of a world-building application. The aim is to create fictional or constructed worlds quickly that are both internally logical and have some ingredients from historical models baked in. The application itself is currently a bunch …

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Story Manager Update

Posted on Sun 20 April 2014 in Articles • Tagged with story manager, development, worldbuilding, PHP, json • 2 min read

In the last couple of days I've been busy refining my create_story functions; specifically I've been adding more features, earmarking code to be re-factored and tweaking my _template layout. The main changes include:

  • create_story now creates a character in the world/characters folder if a character of that name doesn't …

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Creating Worlds and Stories

Posted on Sun 13 April 2014 in Articles • Tagged with story-manager, world-building, development, PHP • 5 min read

Earlier I posted about my ideas and requirements to create a story manager within my world-building app. In this post I'm going to introduce the two first-draft scripts to first create the world and then create stories within that world.

But first I want to talk about my world template …

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Synching and Version Management

Posted on Sat 12 April 2014 in Articles • Tagged with Git, DropBox, development, worldbuilding, Scrivener • 3 min read

Ahead of my next post, where I plan on writing about my first two world-building tools, I thought it was appropriate to briefly write about ways of managing versions or synchronising content across computers.

One major advantage of storing your data as plain text and folders, is that it's really …

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Story Manager

Posted on Wed 09 April 2014 in Articles • Tagged with writing, development, PHP, story manager, worldbuilding, database, Bento • 5 min read

Earlier I posted about using files and folders to store my world-building content rather than in database or third-party application. In that directory structure, I included a folder for stories which is somewhat of a depature to how I've to date.

The Story So Far...

I currently manage my story …

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World-building app

Posted on Fri 28 March 2014 in Articles • Tagged with worldbuilding, development, database, Bento, VoodooPad • 4 min read

For a long time I've wanted to create an app that helps me manage world-building. I blogged about it in previous editions of my blog and have carried one of those posts forward to provide context for my thinking and the way I used to work. In summary; I manage …

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Fixed the search function

Posted on Thu 20 March 2014 in News • Tagged with news, development, javascript • 1 min read

I got around to fixing the broken search engine today. Turned out to be simpler than I thought but since JavaScript isn't my forte it took much longer than it should have.

Turns out that the content of the search box wasn't being passed properly to the JavaScript function that …

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