Visualising POV with Scrivener and Numbers

Posted on Sun 12 March 2017 in Tutorials • Tagged with Scrivener, Numbers, POV, fiction, spreadsheets, writing • 4 min read

I show you how to visual POV frequency in your novel using Scrivener and a basic spreadsheet.

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Building a system wide snippet database for macOS

Posted on Mon 02 January 2017 in Tutorials • Tagged with sqlite, snippets, macos, text expander • 3 min read

I make my own typing shortcut utility using Automator, Python and SQLite.

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Updating your Nanowrimo Wordcount with Python

Posted on Wed 16 November 2016 in Tutorials • Tagged with writing, Python, Nanowrimo, development • 2 min read

I nerd-out and show you how to update your Nanowrimo world count using the API and Python

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Using Collections for Scrivener Word Counts

Posted on Fri 11 November 2016 in Tutorials • Tagged with scrivener, nanowrimo, tips, productivity • 2 min read

I show you how to use collections and metadata tags to get your Nanowrimo word count in a Scrivener Project

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Outlining in OPML in Linux

Posted on Mon 10 August 2015 in Tutorials • Tagged with productivity, markdown, outlining • 8 min read

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about how I've moved entirely to a markdown-based, Dropbox centric workflow. To clarify, I've used markdown for a quite a while with new projects but relied on Scrivener for legacy stuff. Even with new projects I was using Json, CSV and I even …

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Building Markdown Novels on Linux

Posted on Sat 10 January 2015 in Tutorials • Tagged with markdown, Linux, publishing, automation • 9 min read

Unless you're a masochist, you probably write your novels in separate files representing scenes, chapters, or even days if you live and breathe the Nanowrimo daily word count. But what do you do when it comes time to merge and publish those documents?

I use markdown with each chapter written …

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Using reCaptcha with PHP

Posted on Sun 07 December 2014 in Tutorials • Tagged with tutorial, PHP, reCaptcha • 3 min read

I got lazy with a couple of development projects and didn't add any form of protection to some web contact forms I'd created. As you can imagine, it didn't take long for those pesky SpamBots to find them and pretty soon services such as Gmail started bouncing emails from my …

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