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Putting worldbuiling into perspective

 ⚬ Articles  ⚬  7 min read

I reflect on Storywonk's World building class and my wife demonstrates again on how well she knows me.

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Scratching the same itch

 ⚬ Articles  ⚬  4 min read

I contemplate the future of my world-building app when other possible solutions exist.

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Update on the World Generator

 ⚬ News  ⚬  2 min read

A brief update on the state of development of world generator

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Separating Concerns

 ⚬ Articles  ⚬  4 min read

On Thursday (15th) I tweeted the question asking whether your story's world building source files should be stored in Scrivener or outside of it. By source files, I mean our character sheets, location descriptions and the other myriad of information writers collect and draft as part of the discovery and …

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Cities and settlements

 ⚬ Articles  ⚬  10 min read

In the last post, I began to outline how I planned to create realms and settlements. Realms and settlements are hierarchically linked so that every settlement belongs to a realm. Reality of course may be different but my purposes this is a good place to start.

Today I want to …

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Story Manager Update

 ⚬ Articles  ⚬  2 min read

In the last couple of days I've been busy refining my create_story functions; specifically I've been adding more features, earmarking code to be re-factored and tweaking my _template layout. The main changes include:

  • create_story now creates a character in the world/characters folder if a character of that name doesn't …

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Synching and Version Management

 ⚬ Articles  ⚬  3 min read

Ahead of my next post, where I plan on writing about my first two world-building tools, I thought it was appropriate to briefly write about ways of managing versions or synchronising content across computers.

One major advantage of storing your data as plain text and folders, is that it's really …

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Story Manager

 ⚬ Articles  ⚬  5 min read

Earlier I posted about using files and folders to store my world-building content rather than in database or third-party application. In that directory structure, I included a folder for stories which is somewhat of a depature to how I've to date.

The Story So Far...

I currently manage my story …

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One Directory to Rule Them All

 ⚬ Articles  ⚬  8 min read

There's something something appealing about using your computer's file system to manage projects. In fact it has a lot going for it. I'll list the obvious below:

  • It's free (as in beer and in speech)
  • It works well with your operating system
  • It's transparent
  • It's portable

This will be obvious …

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World-building app

 ⚬ Articles  ⚬  4 min read

For a long time I've wanted to create an app that helps me manage world-building. I blogged about it in previous editions of my blog and have carried one of those posts forward to provide context for my thinking and the way I used to work. In summary; I manage …

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