Writing, reviews and tutorials by Chris Rosser

WWB #2: Creating gods, pantheons and religions

6 min read

On the second day of my 30 days of world-building, I explore various ways to create a pantheon of gods. I also reveal a little of my setting's religions, and promise my subscribes a new template.

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WWB #1: Mapping Ilza Kranneg

4 min read

On the first day of my 30 days of world-building, I set myself the task of mapping my fantasy setting in only one hour.

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Winter world-building #0

2 min read

On the eve of Australia's winter, I undertake 30 days of world-building to create maps, locations, organisations and more. Throughout the month I'll also share my templates and tips for world-building in Scrivener.

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Affinity Photo review: Can it create Atlas-style fantasy maps?

5 min read

I review Affinity Photo as an Adobe Photoshop replacement, by putting the app through its pace using Ascension's Atlas Style fantasy map tutorial.

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Building Hafran

3 min read

I do a spot of world-building with my iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate to map and flesh out an important setting in my current fantasy novel.

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WorldAnvil Review (2019)

12 min read

I review World Anvil, a very promising and comprehensive app for world-builders, table-top gamers and novelists.

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