Writing by Chris Rosser

Chapter 6: Exile

22 min read

Owain finds a new path in life thrust upon him

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Chapter 5: Escape

19 min read

Agata devises a plan to escape the long barrow.

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Chapter 4: Long barrow

30 min read

As terror strikes on their way to Girion, the company takes refuge in an ancient long barrow.

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Chapter 3: Hermitage

27 min read

The company make it to the hermitage not long before dusk, and make a few unpleasant discoveries.

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Chapter 2: Girion

27 min read

The company arrives at the Village of Girion. As expected, their welcome is not a warm one.

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Chapter 1: Novice

28 min read

A tragedy strikes the Abbey of Hafran.

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Prologue: Calling

12 min read

A gruesome hanging sets the sheriff's son on the path to God.

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