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Bunch - macOS automation →

I can't believe I hadn't come across this utility until now!

Bunch is a macOS automation tool that takes a folder of plain text files containing lists of apps and commands to launch and provides an easy-to-use menu for triggering them.

Bunch is developed by Brett Terpstra, a well-known and prolific automation aficionado for the Mac. From what I can tell, Bunch abstracts AppleScript, shell scripts and apps by making them available as simple, plain text directives which are easy to write and run from the macOS toolbar.

I've downloaded the latest stable version to play around with, and if I think it's worthwhile, I'll post a review.

Welcome to Bunch
Bunch is a batch application launcher and utility for macOS.

Shortcuts for macOS? Yes, please! →

I read Jason Snell's Mac wishlist ahead of next week's WWDC where he included Apple's automation app, Shortcuts:

One feature that the Mac desperately needs from iPadOS is, believe it or not, Shortcuts. I’ve written elsewhere about this, but essentially it’s easier for me to create automations for many tasks on iOS than it is on macOS — and it shouldn’t be that way. Shortcuts fulfills the promise of Automator in ways that Automator never did, and while it’s got a lot of room to grow, it’s clearly the future of automation on Apple’s platforms. Add in actions that can run AppleScript, Automator workflows, and shell scripts, and we’ll really have something.

I've used Shortcuts since before Apple acquired Workflow. I'd love to see it on macOS, but only if it also includes ability to run shell scripts. Yes, I know Automator already has the ability, but Automator hasn't been updated in years. Shortcuts on the Mac would mean that Apple takes automation on the Mac seriously for once.

If nothing else, having Shortcuts on the Mac would keep things in sync, and introduce automation to Mac users who aren't necessarily experienced with the terminal and writing shell scripts.