Introducing Alashiya

Over in the Codex, I introduce Alashiya, my sandpit for solo RPG and stories, set in a world inspired by the ancient Aegean and Near East. I detail my inspiration for the geopgraphy and landscape, begin sharing some of the details about the main political and cultural centres.

I’ve made no secret that I studied archaeology as an undergraduate, and the Ancient Mediterranean, North Africa and the Levant held a particular fascination for me. This is my chance to rekindle that interest, and explore and to create in the medium I know best, and one I am only really beginning to explore.

In the spirit of world-building as I go, I'll fleshing out the world as I play my solo RPG campaign, the Journeyman.

A world bible and codex for my fantasy setting. This section of the site isexclusively for members. Create your free account or sign in to your existingaccount. Codex preview

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