As much as I like the impetus behind Automator—automation for the masses!—it died on the vine. Apps didn’t support it well, and Apple failed to provide a robust enough library of actions to make it work well on its own. If I ever thought Automator was okay, one glance at Shortcuts (or its predecessor, Workflow) would disabuse me of the notion. Still, I end up using Automator regularly because it allows me to integrate AppleScript and unix/shell scripting directly into the Finder.

I agree it does; Shortcuts on macOS would be a terrific addition for the average user. Better yet, having Shortcuts sync across all devices (Mac, iPad, and iPhone) would be even better. I'd love to write a Shortcut on my MacBook Pro with it's proper keyboard and 13 inch display, then have them sync and be usuable on iOS.

That said, my automation needs are met with a combination of Automator and aText, and in both case I'm using them to wrap Python and Bash scripts. As good as Shortcuts is for Muggles (non-technical users), it is less efficient and clunkier than writing Python.