My second update about Alashiya, a fantasy world I’m building on the side for D&D and maybe some short stories. I’m forcing myself to persist with World Anvil for the moment — mostly because friend and fellow author Mark Timmony told me to, and because its mapping feature is useful in this early stage of world-building.

Alashiya with countries penciled in.
Alashiya with countries penciled in.

I’ve pencilled in the locations and names of the main city-states/countries/empires, using the Ancient Aegean, North Africa and the Levant as my inspiration. So far, I’ve got 16 in place and most of which represent what I’m calling the Alashiyan League.

Since this world is mostly for playing D&D, I’ll be using the classic tropes available in the 5th edition System Reference Document. Most of the settlements marked on the map will be human, but I’ll sprinkle in some Elven and Dwarven civilisations too. I’m undecided if I’ll add the other races, or make them much more scarce and confined to other parts of the world. I’ve also decided to keep the setting in the Bronze Age, which might need a fair bit of reworking of the rules, particularly around the weapons and armour available.

As yet, I haven’t really thought about scale and area, which is important for developing the economy of each country. For that I’ll have to do some calculations, and I’ll need something more fully featured than Pixelmator to do that, so it will have to wait.

I’ll persist with World Anvil a little longer, though I may switch to a different tool as I flesh things out. Regardless, I’ll announce my updates here.