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A recipe for burnout

After writing 7 posts in 7 days, I decide I need to slow and take care of the other domains in my life lest I burnout. Don't worry though, the show will go on!

Okay, maybe I’ve been a little ambitious blogging each and every day. After I published my 7th post in as many days, I went for a run. As the mind wandered while I pounded the track, I realised I’ve not written a word of my book and hardly spent any time with my wife since starting the series. That’s not sustainable for me as a busy writer, and it’s not fair on my loved ones.

I will continue with this series. I have another 20 posts planned, some of them already half-drafted. However, I might have to drop back my schedule to once every other day. This might seem like an admission of failure, but I don’t want to risk burning out as I have done in the past.

I’m also on the home stretch of my current book — having written about 75k of a planned 100-105k word novel. It would be dumb to lose impetus, and devote all my energies to the blog.

So, I’ll take a break tomorrow, and maybe play some D&D with my kids. Tonight I’ll watch something on Netflix with my wife.

If you are enjoying the series thus far, rest assured that more is coming...just at a pace I can manage.

Thanks for reading!

Cover photo by Lechon Kirb on Unsplash

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