Historical Blunders

The Bottom Drawer #6

| Podcast | 15:13

An email from fellow author, Troy A. Hill, has me thinking about some differences between historical fiction and fantasy. I also share some news about my plans for the future of the podcast, and give an update about the state of my two work-in-progress books - The Prince's Bastard, and A Man at Arms.

Show notes

In today's episode, I share some news about the future of the show, rejoice the return of my car, and curse the diseases my children bring into the house. I then contemplate the differences between historical fiction and fantasy, after receiving an email from friend and fellow author, Troy A. Hill, author of The Penllyn Chronicles.

If you want to read Troy's terrific post-Arthurian series, you can find Book 1, A Cup of Blood on Amazon. Troy recently released Book 5, A Coil of Shadows, which continues Maria's story in the battle for Britain's soul.

If you're interested in reading up on Welsh cantrefi, the Wikipedia article is a good place to start.

I also mention Wonderdraft too, which is a fantastic mapmaking app for Windows, Mac and Linux. Here's me testing it out on Linux.

Finally, I picked up my old copy of The Twelve Caesars. Absolutely terrific read, I forgotten what a joy it is to read the classics and sorely miss them. You really can't beat the Penguin Classics!

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