The Weaver's Boy

A excerpt of my forthcoming book, The Weaver's Boy is now available to read.

As I write this, I'm coughing like a dying walrus and have barely slept in days. In spite of this nasty cold/cough and my 20-month-old daughter's late night antics, I'm feeling tremendously excited!


Well, you can now read an excerpt of The Weaver's Boy in the first edition of WriteToTell Magazine.This has been a huge milestone for me and so far I've been thrilled with the response.

One of my favourite compliments was tweeting at me by writer at poet, Gem (@gemmyred) whose work was also featured in the magazine.

...your technical command of language is truly wonderful; the descriptions in your prose are testament to the true #powerofwords , when used with real grace + elegance

Tweet by @gemmyred

Another reader described it to me as 'vivid, vicious and complex' -- I wonder then if I've inadvertently stumbled into the GrimDark subgenre!

The publication marks a significant milestone for me -- my first published piece. It's also accelerated my plans. The Weaver's Boy will now be published as a standalone novella -- and much sooner than I originally planned. I have commissioned a cover, lined up an editor and am putting the final touches on the second draft. I've set up publishing accounts with Amazon and iTunes with others to follow.

I'll post more news as I get closer to publishing. But if you want an early look at my new cover and be among the first to learn about the series The Weaver's Boy is part of -- you can subscribe to my newsletter.


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