Day fifteen - Weaver marathon

I'm still plugging away at the novel despite catching the bug the rest of my family had as well as having teething problems with my new publication process.

This is Part 6 in the series, Weaver Marathon.

It's been a week since my last Weaver Marathon post and I've been busy on more than one front. Biggest pain-point has been the bout of illness that's swept through my family. My wife's been hit the hardest; she was so sick this morning that I had to stay home and do the school run. I've escaped the worst of it, suffering myself with not much more than a cold.

I also spent some time developing a new publishing system (more on that in later post). More time than I intended, because I had to iron out a few bugs that brought the site down a couple of times.

As for the novel, I haven't been idle. Sunday was a good day. After spending the morning bulk cooking meals for the freezer, I managed just over 1100 words in the afternoon; that brings my total word-count to just under 154 thousand. More important than the word count itself, I finished writing the scene I posted last week.


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