Lines in the sand

I set some deadlines for myself, officially launch my newsletter and remove Disquss from my site

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Nothing major, just some updates about the site and my book.


So today, I launched my newsletter as I promised in my last post. It's nothing fancy at present, merely a means of notifying subscribers of my latest but I may very well add more content later.

More interesting is how I built it. I elected not to use a database and instead I'm storing the recipient last as a flat text file (encrypted). I use a Python script to scrape my RSS feeds and dump the formatted title and summary into the body of an HTML email.

The sign-up form is currently located at the bottom of the index pages, but I may move it to a dedicated page when the mood takes me.

Disqus and comments

I've decided to remove Disqus as my comment provider because it's a thirty-party service over which I have very limited control. I can't view their source code, I can't format comments the way I like and I don't trust them with other people's data.

When I get around to it, I'm planning on deploying an open source commenting system.

Lines drawn; end in sight

I've given myself two months to complete my rewrite of Weaver of Dreams. By the end of this month I hope to complete the draft and by the end of July, I will have the manuscript edited and ready for my alpha reader.

In aid of this, I'll cut back on writing articles for this site and others I contribute to.

I'm going to get it finished!

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