April update

I fail at Camp Nanowrimo, but worked out something tricky and joined another social media platform

Looks like I'm not going to hit my 25,000 word goal for this Camp Nanowrimo but it wasn't a complete loss--far from it.

I've written just over 10k and have almost got through the knottiest plot-point in my novel, Weaver of Dreams namely the midpoint where my heroine and story start rushing headlong to the climax.

I also had fun and met some interesting people in the cabin I was assigned. After taking a week out of due to work, I came back to find that a couple of them had set up a more permanent group on Scribophile, a social networking and critiquing site for writers. They invited me along and so I decided to join.

I'm still feeling my way around the site--and haven't signed up for a premium account yet--but so far, so good. If you use the service, feel free to check out my profile and say hello.


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