Submission Guidelines

Rosser's Reads

Are you an indie author, who wants to promote your book to wider audiences? I have a growing readership on web, email and social media, and I loving introducing my readers to new authors.

Rosser's Reads my avenue for promoting books published by other indie authors. It comes in two flavours, first an issue of my monthly newsletter where I typically select 4-6 books and share to my subscribers. The second is a full review on my website of my favourite pick for the month. This will accompany an author interview for those who are gracious enough to participate. Full reviews/author interviews will also be shared through my social media channels and receive a mention on my forthcoming podcast.

At the end of the year (December) I'll announce my three favourite picks, with a modicum of fanfare and maybe a giveaway or two.

Selection process

Selection is based on my tastes, and books I think my readers might like. That means I'm looking for fantasy, Sci-Fi, historical fiction or contemporary thrillers -- but I will read anything (almost, see below) if it grabs me, so don't be afraid to ask.

First come, is generally first served. While I will try to publish my review in issue according to your preferred release date, I will typically slot you in where I can.

Let me be clear, I don't care where you are from, what your politics are, what colour your skin is, or what organs facilitate your reproduction, sexual pleasure and waste disposal. In other words I don't discriminate, and by the same token I'm not looking to promote anyone based on these characteristics either -- I promote good stories, not any particular agenda.

That said, I'm only human and if I'm biased in anyway, it's usually towards those who are nice to me on Twitter!

Submission requirements:

While I will consider longer works, I am time constrained and will generally favour novellas over door-stoppers.


This is NOT a paid service. I will not accept payment, goods or services for my opinion, time, nor to favour or promote one submission over another.

I may however be amenable to offers of cross-promotion with authors who are prepared to introduce me to their audiences either through newsletter swaps, blog/book tours or podcast appearances.


To submit your interest, email or contact me on Twitter or Facebook. Please don't include your full book, a simple introduction and some details about your book is all I need. If I'm interested in doing a full review I'll ask you to supply a copy.

Terms of service

This is not a paid service. You get promotion, I get content to serve my readers. Win-Win.

However, we live in litigious times where a minority of people feel entitled beyond their due. So, it's worth noting, this is my website and my rules apply!

In general, what I publish is subject to Australian Jurisdiction and Laws -- including Copyright and anti-vilification laws -- at Commonwealth, State and local level. My website is intended to entertain and inform; it is not a platform to infringe copyright or spew hate and vitriol.

By submitting to Rosser's Reads, you acknowledge and accept the following terms of service in whole and without reservation:

  1. I reserve the right to reject any submission, without notice or qualification.
  2. The post schedule is determined by me, though I am open to specific requests should you have them.
  3. I reserve the right to remove any Rosser's Reads post from my website without notice -- I hope I never have to exercise this right, but it's here to protect me.
  4. In the event that I publish an author interview, you will grant me non-exclusive licence to publish or share it on this site, any social media channels, email, or other promotional means.
  5. You acknowledge and accept that I participate in Google Adsense and may display advertisements on my review and/or your interview.
  6. I reserve the right to amend these submission guidelines, requirements and terms of service without notice and at any time.

Thank you!