Privacy Policy

General information

Updated December 2018

I value your privacy as much as my own. As a resident of Australia, I am bound by the provisions of the Australian Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the Privacy Act), which which may be obtained from the website of The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

My website uses HTTPs encryption for your privacy and security. You can verify this here.

My website is built using only static technologies. There is no database locally hosted and no server-side scripts that can be exploited. In simple terms, I don't hold any information on my website about my readers.

I make use of several third-party companies to provide services and functionality. At time of writing, these companies comply with Australian privacy requirements and the European Union's GDPR legislation.

Your rights

Your information is yours, not mine. You have the right to:

If you wish to exercise these rights, please contact me by email and I will respond to your request as soon as possible.


My blog uses a novel approach to commenting that's driven by email and static HTML. The system is completely independent of my mailing list and I do not use this information to build my mailing list, because that would be sneaky, underhanded and a violation of the GDPR.

Anyone is free to post a comment on any article in my blog. Users are under no obligation to do so and the facility is merely there to provide discussion.

Though I ask for some personal information (name, email, website), only your name is required and you are free to use an alias.

The information provided is used to generate a unique graphical avatar. Where provided, your name (or alias) will be shown along with a link to your website (if provided).

Under no circumstance does your email (if provided) appear on the website and is only used for the purpose of generating the avatar. Information where provided is stored in the encrypted GIT repository from which this site is built.

Any one who wants their comments removed or anonymised, can request to do so by contacting me by email.


This site uses no first-party cookies, however it uses several third-party cookies to facilitate the services I use.

Third-party cookies are provided by:

Mailing lists and newsletter

My mailing list and newsletter is powered by MailerLite. I use this service to send blog updates and my monthly newsletter to subscribers.

Anyone is free to unsubscribe at any time. No questions asked. Unsubscribe and I delete your data -- simple.


Since I host with Netlify, I have no access to any web server logs. Instead, I use Google Analytics to gauge traffic and other metrics. Analytics allow me to tailor the content of my site. For example, I know my most popular articles are my reviews, therefore I endeavour to write more of them.

Google Analytics is compliant with the GDPR legislation. I have opted to retain User and Event Data for a period of 14 months, the lowest amount provided for by the Google Analytics dashboard.

Users can manage their settings using Google's Privacy dashboard.


I advertise on my blog (and only my blog) to generate a modest income for my writing. For advertising I use Google Adsense, which injects tracking cookies and adverts into my site.

Users are free to use ad blocking technology, and I'm exploring less intrusive ways for readers to support my writing should they choose.

As with other Google service, users can manage their settings using Google's Privacy dashboard.

Revisions to this policy

I reserve the right to change this policy without warning or notice. Changes will typically be made to reflect changes to privacy legislation or changes that affect the operation of this website or the third-party services I use.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me by email