About Chris Rosser

My name is Chris Rosser and I'm a technical writer, author and blogger. I was born in Wales in the last months of the 1970s and migrated to Australia with my family at the age of 7. I was educated at the University of Melbourne where I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in History and Archaeology and a Master of Arts in Editing and Communication. Today, I live in Ringwood, Australia with my wife, Bonnie, and our three children.

Chris Rosser in Salzburg, Austria
Chris Rosser in Salzburg, Austria

About the site

I've maintained this website in various forms and through several reboots since 2006. I started it not long after my career as a technical writer took off. It was intended to help me focus on fiction writing when the realities of work, marriage and everyday life made it harder to find time to write.

Over the years, my interests in coding and productivity have bled into the site and many of my articles focus on introducing writers to scripting and power-user features to help structure the creative process.

The current site is built using Pelican, a static site generator writing in Python. It uses a custom theme, based on Bootstrap 4, which I developed myself. It is hosting on a DigitalOcean Droplet running Ubuntu 14.04.