Building Cae Valley

Posted on Sun 25 February 2018 in Articles • Tagged with writing, world-building, Weaver of Dreams, project rig • 4 min read

I put my PC project rig to use and start mapping the setting for my fantasy anthology in Adobe PhotoShop.

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What's new for 2018

Posted on Wed 10 January 2018 in News • Tagged with writing, First Byte, Weaver of Dreams • 2 min read

After briefly looking back at a great 2017, I outline my plans for the first half of 2018.

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How NanoWrimo is changing my writing

Posted on Wed 08 November 2017 in Journal • Tagged with writing, genre, Weaver of Dreams, First Byte, Nanowrimo • 4 min read

With Nanowrimo 2017 shaping up to be as a success, I'm forced to ask some serious questions of my self as a self-styled writer of fantasy struggling with the tropes of the genre.

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Shelving Weaver for Nanowrimo

Posted on Wed 25 October 2017 in Journal • Tagged with Weaver of Dreams, Nanowrimo, First Byte, writing, Scrivener, Ulysses • 3 min read

I temporarily shelve my novel, Weaver of Dreams, so I can concentrate on my project for Nanowrimo 2017

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Nanowrimo 2017

Posted on Tue 03 October 2017 in News • Tagged with Nanowrimo, Canva, First Byte, Weaver of Dreams, Ulysses • 2 min read

I reveal my Nanowrimo 2017 project and get an unexpected second bite at Ulysses.

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Scope and a painful lesson learnt

Posted on Tue 19 September 2017 in Journal • Tagged with Weaver of Dreams, structure, writing • 4 min read

After a week of reflecting on my novel's scope, I decide the re-write has strayed too far from my original vision.

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Weaver marathon no-more

Posted on Wed 06 September 2017 in Journal • Tagged with Weaver of Dreams, writing, Nanowrimo, blogging • 3 min read

I fall short of my self-imposed word-count and deadline for finishing Weaver of Dreams but decide I rather enjoy journalling my writing.

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Day twenty-one -- Weaver Marathon

Posted on Mon 21 August 2017 in Journal • Tagged with writing, Weaver of Dreams, cooking • 2 min read

21 days down and another important scene drafted. Sunday is turning out to be my favourite day of the week.

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How I structure novels in Scrivener

Posted on Sat 19 August 2017 in Articles • Tagged with Scrivener, structures, Ulysses, Weaver of Dreams, popular • 3 min read

After reading Matt Gemmell's post on structuring his novel Changer in Ulysses, I take up his open offer to describe how I organise my novel in Scrivener.

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Day fifteen - Weaver marathon

Posted on Tue 15 August 2017 in Journal • Tagged with Weaver of Dreams, writing • 1 min read

I'm still plugging away at the novel despite catching the bug the rest of my family had as well as having teething problems with my new publication process.

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