The perils of proprietary formats

Posted on Thu 04 May 2017 in Articles • Tagged with wiki, dropbox, voodoopad, proprietary software • 1 min read

A few days ago, I went looking for an old world-building project I created with VoodooPad. I found it but unfortunately I could not get the file to open. Fortunately, I had exported the files to HTML several years ago, so I didn't lose any work.

The reason I wanted …

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World-building app

Posted on Fri 28 March 2014 in Articles • Tagged with worldbuilding, development, database, Bento, VoodooPad • 4 min read

For a long time I've wanted to create an app that helps me manage world-building. I blogged about it in previous editions of my blog and have carried one of those posts forward to provide context for my thinking and the way I used to work. In summary; I manage …

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Posted on Wed 18 November 2009 in Articles • Tagged with news, writing, database, development, VoodooPad • 2 min read

I keep coming back to the idea of using a database to assist me in the planning and plotting of my novels.

In the previous version of my blog, I wrote an article describing how I'd experimented with, and finally abandoned database-driven MediaWiki in favour of a more free-flow form …

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