MultiMarkdown Composer 4 review

Posted on Thu 08 February 2018 in Reviews • Tagged with MultiMarkdown, Markdown • 16 min read

I review MultiMarkdown Composer for macOS as part of my search for my preferred Markdown drafting and editing application.

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Some refinements to process

Posted on Thu 03 December 2015 in News • Tagged with writing, markdown, gedit, Python • 1 min read

With NanoWriMo done and dusted for 2015, it's a good time to refine some of my writing processes. I've been in a state of flux recently. On the desktop I'm torn between Mac and Linux while on mobile I use both Android (my phone) and iOS (my tablet). I've been …

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Looking back at Scrivener and OS X

Posted on Mon 30 November 2015 in Articles • Tagged with writing, os x, scrivener, linux, markdown, weaver of dreams • 6 min read

I finished NanoWriMo yesterday with a wordcount a pip over 50,050 words. It feels good; quite a chunk of my planned re-write is now drafted and I'm probably only a month away from finishing the first draft.

For reasons I'm not entirely sure about, I decided to go back …

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Turning Gedit into a Markdown IDE

Posted on Sun 15 November 2015 in Articles • Tagged with productivity, markdown, gedit • 5 min read

I got an iPad mini not so long ago, mostly on the strength of the excellent Editorial app and to keep one foot in the door with Apple's services, which my wife and I find quite useful.

With Editorial, I can build workflows that let me work the way I …

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Outlining in OPML in Linux

Posted on Mon 10 August 2015 in Tutorials • Tagged with productivity, markdown, outlining • 8 min read

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about how I've moved entirely to a markdown-based, Dropbox centric workflow. To clarify, I've used markdown for a quite a while with new projects but relied on Scrivener for legacy stuff. Even with new projects I was using Json, CSV and I even …

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New ideas and a new workflow

Posted on Mon 29 June 2015 in Articles • Tagged with Weaver of Dreams, productivity, markdown, outlining • 4 min read

For some time, I've been cogitating about redrafting my first novel, Weaver of Dreams and earlier this month I finally got around to starting the process. Revisiting an old, and arguably an important work from my formative years as a novelist, has been both challenging and interesting.

I've long felt …

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Building Markdown Novels on Linux

Posted on Sat 10 January 2015 in Tutorials • Tagged with markdown, Linux, publishing, automation • 9 min read

Unless you're a masochist, you probably write your novels in separate files representing scenes, chapters, or even days if you live and breathe the Nanowrimo daily word count. But what do you do when it comes time to merge and publish those documents?

I use markdown with each chapter written …

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Getting things done

Posted on Fri 14 November 2014 in Articles • Tagged with Linux, markdown, todo.txt, ownCloud, productivity • 6 min read

It's two weeks in to NaNoWrimo 2014 and as I've written more than 40 thousand words I though it was time to procrastinate a little and write a post on how I like to get things done. My motivations for this are partly to consolidate some ideas in my own …

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