Reflections on the new MacBook Pro

Posted on Fri 04 November 2016 in Articles • Tagged with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, technology, Apple, laptops • 4 min read

I reflect on the Late 2016 MacBook Pro and the storm of controversy it's generated.

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Coming home

Posted on Thu 15 September 2016 in Articles • Tagged with MacBook Air, Linux, Acer C270, Scrivener, iPad • 3 min read

Two years ago I gave away my MacBook Air to my wife and bought an Acer C720 with the intention of switching away from OS X to Linux. I did so because of performance problems I was experiencing with OS X. I was using Linux for work (I still do …

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What Scrivener on iOS means to me

Posted on Sat 16 July 2016 in Articles • Tagged with writing, iPad, Scrivener, MacBook Air, iOS, Linux • 6 min read

Tl;Dr: it's about convenience and getting the job done!

It feels like my (creative) life's been on hold and oddly that's spilled over into other avenues: notably my choice of computer platform. Lately, I've been writing more and that writing's been in Scrivener again. Currently that means I have …

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Chromebook Air

Posted on Mon 29 September 2014 in Articles • Tagged with Chromebook, linux, Ubuntu, MacBook Air • 3 min read

A week ago I gave away my MacBook Air to my wife and replaced it with a Chromebook. The Air was getting long in the tooth; the battery was slowly dying and 2GB, just didn't cut it on OS X Mavericks. Top it off and I only had 64GB as …

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Taking the plunge, two weeks on

Posted on Sat 14 June 2014 in news • Tagged with Linux, MacBook Air", Ubuntu, writing • 5 min read

Two weeks ago, I posted about my reasons for installing Ubuntu Linux on my ageing MacBook Air. It's been three weeks now since I took the plunge and I wanted to write a follow-up on my my experiences and what I like and don't like about running Linux on my …

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Taking the plunge

Posted on Sun 01 June 2014 in news • Tagged with Linux, MacBook Air, Ubuntu • 11 min read

I've had to delay my post about creating characters until next week due to work commitments. In the meantime, I thought I'd briefly post on my decision to migrate to Linux on my MacBook Air, which is my daily driver outside of my home office.

My history with *nix

I …

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