It's Node for Me

Posted on Fri 26 June 2015 in Articles • Tagged with Node.js, JavaScript, PHP, Ubuntu, ArchLinux • 1 min read

For the last few days I've been thinking of jumping on the node.js bandwagon for my world building app. My reasoning is that I've been thinking about creating a rich web UI so that means using a lot of JavaScript.

node.js for those who don't know is a …

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Fixed the search function

Posted on Thu 20 March 2014 in News • Tagged with news, development, javascript • 1 min read

I got around to fixing the broken search engine today. Turned out to be simpler than I thought but since JavaScript isn't my forte it took much longer than it should have.

Turns out that the content of the search box wasn't being passed properly to the JavaScript function that …

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