The end

Posted on Tue 14 November 2017 in News • 1 min read

Owing to personal and family issues, I have decided to put this blog and all my creative writing projects, including this year's Nanowrimo, on permanent hiatus. I will leave my blog posts live, for as long as my domain name remains active, but will remove everything else in coming days.

In January this year, I decided to write more and for a time, my blog enjoyed more success than I ever thought possible. I've had a wonderful time, but did so at the expense of my loved ones. Unfortunately, I've come to realise that pursuing a career as an independent novelist and blogger is no-longer sustainable as a father of three children, two of whom have special needs.

Writing fiction has given me comfort and escapism for more than twenty-five years. It's not an easy thing to admit that the time I spend writing has become at best a source of unhappiness for my family. It is time to stop dreaming of a future that could be and live in the realities of now. What precious time I have, must go to the needs of my wife and children and my day job.

To my readers, subscribers and followers on social media, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Perhaps one day, in future years, I may be able to entertain and engage with you once again.

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