Camp Nanowrimo 2017

Posted on Fri 31 March 2017 in News • 1 min read

I've decided to try my hand at Camp Nanowrimo again this year. I tried last year but just didn't feel motivated enough; after doing Nanowrimo in 2015 I lost a lot of steam and had a lot on my plate in the early half of 2016.

I think this year will be very different. I wrote less in Nanowrimo 2016; doing so means that I didn't burn out as I usually do after writing 50-60k words. In fact I've kept writing in fits and spurts. I've done some much needed planning, a bit of revision, a little world-building I and I've laid what I think is the groundwork for completing the last third of my rewrite. 

I'm hoping, with the end in sight that Camp Nanowrimo will give me the push I need. I've set a more modest goal of 25,000 words. But if I manage this, it will break the back of the draft and get me within spitting distance of my alpha release.

All right, enough of the self-reflection, lets get cracking!

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