Book Progress: Weaver of Dreams

Posted on Thu 19 June 2014 in News • 1 min read

I was tweaking the layout of my site this evening when I realised that I've been concentrating so much on development for the last six weeks that I haven't said much about my writing projects. Truth is though, that I've found a couple of hours here and there to edit my book, Weaver of Dreams.

So far it's going well and I've finished editing the Prologue and the Chapters 1 to 4. I'm doing a copy-edit mostly but have identified a few scenes which I need to redraft to make a tighter story or more aligned with the darker tone I plan to adopt. I'm also thinking about the addition of several new scenes based on feedback I've had over the years.

Hopefully I'll remember to keep posting updates and hopefully dates on when I'll make the book available.

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