MultiMarkdown Composer 4 review

Posted on Thu 08 February 2018 in Reviews • Tagged with MultiMarkdown, Markdown • 16 min read

I review MultiMarkdown Composer for macOS as part of my search for my preferred Markdown drafting and editing application.

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iA Writer Review

Posted on Fri 29 September 2017 in Reviews • Tagged with iA Writer, blogging, Ulysses, Scrivener, popular • 9 min read

After my review of Ulysses on macOS and iOS, I take a close look at its understated but fabulous competitor, iA Writer.

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A Scrivener user reviews Ulysses

Posted on Fri 01 September 2017 in Reviews • Tagged with Scrivener, Ulysses, macOS, iOS, popular • 17 min read

I try Ulysses for several weeks and give my impressions as long-term Scrivener user. I'm impressed and ask myself if I could use it for my writing.

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